Multiple Sclerosis Event Timeline


April 19

Started 3 Day Steroid Infusion

April 15

I Am the Proud Owner of Multiple Lesions!

Everything was kinda adding up beforehand, so it was no surprise when the doctor told me I had Multiple Sclerosis. The fluid and bloodwork proved it.. and I have lesions on my brain and spine. I didn’t get a copy of the disk for this, but I may get it at some point and post pics. Also… Is this some kind of sick joke that this diagnosis came on tax day?
March 29

Testing Week – Leg Spasms Started

It was definitely weird being in the wheelchair 100% of the time. Whenever I would try to use one of my legs It would go into a spasm. I would stare at it and tell it to knock it the Fk off. I had issues getting up on the table, so the short MRI tech picked me up like I was a kid and put me up.. So weird. It’s never a good sign when you hear “We need to get this over to the doctor quick” from the other room as they are doing the scan. The spinal tap....Read More
March 25

Went Back to the Neurologist

I had been trying for over a week to get an apt with the neurologist, but they would not get back to me. I found a new doctor and was able to get in to see him the next day. He ordered an MRI, spinal tap, and blood work. I also decided it was best to get a wheelchair at this point.
February 25

My Legs Were Major Jerks

My legs were definitely letting me down… I couldn’t even lift my left leg off the ground and I couldn’t move the toes on my left foot. Getting up the stairs was interesting because I had to lean forward, lock my core, and then upright myself to lift my leg. Ohhh the things we take for granted!
February 22

Things Looked Good.. For a Few Days

For a little while, I saw a big improvement and was able to make it around the park with no cane. My body took a nosedive quickly and I had to get one of those 4 wheel walkers. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan, so I had to get one that was purple : )  
February 12

Met With a Neurologist

I got in to see a neurologist pretty quick and it was a good thing.. My walking was getting really bad. We talked about a bunch of possibilities but wanted to rule out B12 before going into the more expensive testing, so I started daily B12 injections.
February 8

Went to a “Cairo Cracker”

I was pretty set that it was probably a back issue. In addition to the leg issues, I was also having some pretty bad neck tightness. Upon approaching the front door of the office.. i tripped and about busted my ass on the concrete.. geeze… Getting serious. The chiropractor swiveled my neck a little bit and said he would not adjust it. He mentioned that he saw me trip and almost fall walking in. I told him about my symptoms and he mentioned that I should look into getting checked for Multiple Sclerosis or Guillain Barre Syndrome. Multiple Sclerosis?? Come..Read More
January 27

Went to the Doctor – No Issues

I have never been a fan of going to the doctor.. I won’t go unless there is something seriously wrong. Maybe that is just a guy thing.. I dunno. Found a general practitioner and visited him. He did the usual exam and bloodwork… Everything was normal. I wanted to try B12 injections again, but he was not too familiar with B12 deficiency and would not let me give it a try.
January 20

Issues With Walking and Balance

Seemed like it came out of nowhere, but I began having issues with walking, balance, and leg coordination. At first, I thought that maybe my back was just messed up and that it would pass. I remember walking in the park one day and I was having so many issues trying to walk and keep up with the family. I remember my wife asking me what the world was wrong with me and I said something along the lines of ” My legs just don’t feel coordinated enough to walk and I’m having problems moving them”.
November 27

Seizure of Unknown Origin

I had a seizure while sitting at my desk the day before Thanksgiving. I woke up on the floor with my wife standing over me and she called the ambulance. I was taken to the hospital and they did all kinds of tests on me… CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Stress Test, EKG… Yea that was quite an experience that I will never forget. Nothing was found to be wrong with me from all those tests. Related? Will never know.  
June 27

Neuropathy of the Hands and Feet

I began having some pretty bad numbness in my hands and feet. I had some blood work done and everything looked fine. The doctor decided to have me do b12 injections every few days and that made the issue go away. This could have been my first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but ill never know for sure.