Dysphagia? Thanks A Lot Immune System

throat dysphagia

The past few days have been filled with lots of wonderful neck pain. The kind where you can’t move your head more than a few inches in any direction. Right now, getting a shot sounds less painful than sneezing.

I have been attributing it to bad posture because I work from home and do a lot of ass sitting, so it makes sense. I got to thinking about it and remembered that neck pain and tightness is how it all started right before I very quickly went from walking to rolling for the first time. I have always been guilty of cracking my neck a lot, but I don’t crank it to the extreme like I’m trying to snap it or anything like some people. One thing I remember telling people back then is that my neck was so tight that I oddly couldn’t get it to crack. I went into the chiropractor and he moved my neck about an inch and was like.. Nope.. I’m not adjusting your neck. Turned out to be cute little spinal lesions!

Tonight I had a snack and noticed that the muscles in the back of my throat acted a bit odd. I swallowed and the food just sat in the back of my throat and I could not get it to go down unless I drank some water. You would think a little piece of chocolate wouldn’t be to hard to swallow right? I did a little more thinking and realized that this has been happening a lot the past few days, but I didn’t pay it much mind. Never happened before in my life.

So like everybody who is not a doctor… I decided to be one and consult Dr. Google. Dysphagia came up before I could even finish typing the query in the search box. People with Multiple Sclerosis often have problems swallowing and it can eventually lead to speech issues. Since my body likes to go balls to the wall.. I’m sure I will wake up one day and sound like a drunken idiot when I can’t talk.

I guess it makes sense because the swallowing issue started right around when the neck pain did.. and… I do have MS.

I will ask my doctor about it when I see him next week and let him be the expert instead of me. It’s usually a worst-case scenario whenever you self-diagnose, so not usually a good idea right? Google says that the pain in your leg means that you are going to die within 24 hours.. when in reality it’s a strained muscle.

It’s part of my life now, but I actually get very annoyed when discovering something new with my body and the disease. I need to at least tell somebody or a doctor since it could be related, but I absolutely hate attention. I am most definitely not a hypochondriac and I hate making a big stink about stuff, but I guess I have to now.



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