Testing Week – Leg Spasms Started

It was definitely weird being in the wheelchair 100% of the time. Whenever I would try to use one of my legs It would go into a spasm. I would stare at it and tell it to knock it the Fk off.

I had issues getting up on the table, so the short MRI tech picked me up like I was a kid and put me up.. So weird. It’s never a good sign when you hear “We need to get this over to the doctor quick” from the other room as they are doing the scan.

The spinal tap.. yea that was a weird experience. They stuck the needle in my back and jacked the table up in the air so my “fluids left me” faster lol.

I read that people got headaches after a spinal tap. I thought.. meh no way I’m not a wimp. Right….. I was like a kid curled up on the couch within 2 days and didn’t want to move or my head would hurt. Luckily that only lasted a few days.